Airport Accessibility

Arriving Korea

 Tips for Travelers with Disabilities : Airport

Incheon International Airport is a fully accessible facility. Upon request, service agents will provide assistance with entry documents, immigration procedures, and baggage claim, as well as escort to transportation. The airport is equipped with electric vehicles to shuttle passengers with mobility and visual impairments to and from the gates(wheelchairs cannot access directly, need to transfer). Escort services are also available before departure. Contact to request and arrange services


Incheon International Airport Help Desk
Tel: 02-1577-2600 (+82-2-1577-2600)


*For in-flight services, please contact your airline.

Incheon International Airport

Subway Accessibility

 Tips for Travelers with Disabilities: Subway&AREX

Subway network of Seoul is the most efficient way of getting around the city. Color-coded subways lines and multilingual signs and announcements help foreign travelers use the subway system with ease. Almost all subway stations are fully accessible(some are partially accessible). Followings are the accessible and safe facilities for people with disability

  • elevators &  wheelchair lifts and ramps

  • audio and visual information systems

  • Braille tiles for visual disablity

  • accessible service entry gates at subway station

  • accessible transit card vending machines

  • platform gap modification to bridge gap between train and platform

  • platform screen doors

  • accessible restrooms

  • priority seating area in every train car


AREX is a railway line connects Incheon International Airport and Gimpo International Airport to downtown Seoul (Seoul Station). All stations and trains are fully accessible. Every train has designated areas for wheelchairs.

subway & Train

Seoul Metro & AREX

Train Accessibility

KTX & Railway

 Tips for Travelers with Disabilities: Railway

The KTX is Korea’s high-speed rail system that connects Seoul to the southern regions of Korea. Traveling up to 300km/hr, travel from Seoul to Busan takes just 2 hours and 18 minutes. Tickets can be purchased up to 60 days in advance of your travel date at any train station, large post office, travel agency, and the official KTX website.
Wheelchair is accessible. 3 manual-wheechair seats, 2 motored-wheelchair seats are available. Wheelchair service reservation is needed, advance in 15-30 min before departure. Better arrive at the station before 40 min of your departure and tell you need wheelchair lift for boarding and landing, KTX staff will arrange accessible facilities and service for you.

Taxi&Car Accessibility

 Tips for Travelers with Disabilities: Taxi & Car

Wheelchair Accessible Public Call Taxis

Wheelchair accessible taxis are yellow vans, equipped with a ramp or lift, and can accommodate one wheelchair and five passengers. Accessible taxis are only for foreigners traveling by wheelchair (as well as local residents with disabilities) and must be reserved in advance. Unfortunately, the demand for the service is currently much higher than the number of vehicles in the fleet, so expect to wait 30-60 minutes, on average, for pickup. (Hours of operation: 24 hours, For reservations: +82-2-1588-4388)

Car Hiring

Taxi & Car

Tour Agent & Information

More Information

 Tips for Travelers with Disabilities: Tour Agent

    - Expert in international travelers with mobility handiccaped

    - Arrange transportation & accomodation, planning your trip

    - 82-10-5360-9349, English available & group tour available

    - UNESCO island expert tour

    - Expert in people with hearing, visual and mobility handiccaped

    - Arrange transportation & accomodation, planning your trip.

    - Individual tour, Group tour, MICE is available.

    - 82-64-742-0078, English available (only in Jeju island)

    - Tour agent for people with disablity 

    - Arrange transportation & accomodation, planning your trip

    - 82-2-6383-1000, only Korean speaking.

* If you need any help, feel free to contact Accessible Korea ( We are happy to help your travel.

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